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Lakeside Orchards

Duane and Amy Rasch run Lakeside Orchards, which is a multi-generational farm located in Conklin, Michigan. Chances are you’ve already had some of their produce since the Rasch family has been at several different markets for over 30 years. They took over the farm in 2007 from Duane’s parents, Ray & Phyllis, and have been full-time farmers ever since. They have 3 children, Madison, Shelby, and Hunter, who have grown up on the farm and help when they can in between school and work. The 100-acre farm consists of 40 acres of apples with 14 different varieties. Honeycrisp alone takes up about 15 acres of the farm. Have you tried “Grandma’s Pie Blend”? Their kids say Grandma’s applesauce is the best! She says, “a mix of apples makes the best pies and sauce because of the different flavors and textures.” They also bring some amazing tasting cider to the markets in the fall.

In addition to apples, they have just over 3 acres of peaches, along with nectarines, plums, sweetcorn, and much more!

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