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Brewt's Bloody Mary

Brewt's Bloody Mary

Founded in 2015, Brewt’s Bloody Mary is a 100% all natural, gluten free, and no sugar added Bloody Mary mix with enough kick to keep you warm during the mid west winters but light enough to keep you on your feet during the west coast summers.

Brunch is a religion in LA (where owner and CEO Emily Griffen called home at the time) and became a weekend tradition. While Bloody Mary’s were her go-to choice, she came up to find that the mixers used by restaurants were loaded with extra sodium, sugar, and preservatives and absolutely terrible for you! Emily decided to make her own Bloody Mary mix right in her kitchen. Emily created a mix packed full of fresh produce and only adding 100% natural ingredients. Brewt’s is lovely named after Emily’s best friend and companion for 14 years, her beloved Chihuahua Brewtus.

They have since traded in the kitchen for a bustling facility complete with bottling, co-packing, and a ghost kitchen in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Their favorite thing about coming to the market is being able to interact with their customers. Because they don’t have a storefront, they eagerly anticipate the summertime when they can engage with people who enjoy their product or introduce their product to those who are unfamiliar.

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