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Sara Cozolino • Market Master • 616.355.1138

Sara has a passion for the farm-to-table movement and access to delicious, fresh, local food. She loves to see the connections people make when they meet farmers, learn where their food comes from and trying new products. She is thrilled to be named the new Market Master for a farmers Market that is such a prominent beacon of the fresh food movement.

Sara balances her time managing all operations at the Holland Farmers Market with being a professional photographer. During her free time, you can often find her in her garden, hiking with her husband and their dogs, doing yoga and cooking up veggies straight from the Market. She especially loves to see all the varieties of greens and berries!

Lizzie Thibault • Market Assistant • 616.355.1138

Lizzie is new to the Holland Farmers Market this year and can be found helping Sara out every Wednesday and Saturday. She loves helping members of our local community obtain delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables by coordinating the various food assistance programs at the Market. As our bilingual staff member, she especially loves being able to assist Spanish-speaking members of the community. She’s had a great time getting to know all of our vendors when they come to the office for help too!

When not she’s not at the Holland Farmers Market or her other part time job, you can find her at the playground or story time with her four and five year old children. She has a small obsession with baking (cookies usually), which her husband of 16 years likes to taste test. She also enjoy running, girl’s night out and listening to podcasts.

Kara de Alvare • Marketing and Promotions Coordinator • 616.796.0472

Kara de Alvare is a foodie wannabe and you can usually find her watching the Food Network, searching for new recipes on Pinterest and shopping for new cookbooks…which may or may not be gathering dust on her kitchen shelf. Kara loves spending Saturday mornings strolling the Market with her husband and young children, picking out a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to enjoy all week long! What are her family’s favorites? Blueberries, strawberries, corn and green beans!

As the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Kara oversees all aspects of marketing, event coordination and promotional efforts for both the Holland Farmers Market and Downtown Holland, two places she couldn’t love more. It’s her job to promote the Farmers Market and Downtown Holland as unique and vibrant destinations…or in other words, to make sure that everyone knows just how cool they are!

Niki Kloosterman • Event Coordinator • 616.796.1210

Niki loves great food and exciting events, and she could not think of a better place to get experience both than at the Holland Farmers Market. Niki loves walking around the Market, saying hello to familiar faces and purchasing treats like cookies, popcorn, donuts and of course, homemade fudge. As you can tell Niki has quite the sweet tooth, but that’s what she loves about the Market…you can find it all here!

Niki works as the Event Coordinator for both Downtown Holland and the Farmers Market. She plans all of the special events at the Market, including the weekly Chef Series and Kids Activities, the Summer Solstice Celebration and Fall Fest. She also writes The Market Beet bi-weekly newsletter and loves the opportunity to meet new people at the Market and hear their stories!

Holly VanLaar • Marketing Assistant • 616.796.1210

It doesn’t take much convincing to get Holly to eat her vegetables, especially if they’re from the Holland Farmers Market! In addition to purchasing fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables, she is also a huge fan of smelling the fresh cut flowers and goats milk lotions and soaps available. You can usually find her at the Market picking up ingredients for her lunch…when she’s not too busy people watching!

As the Marketing Assistant, Holly is responsible for handling social media marketing and website coordination for the Holland Farmers Market and Downtown Holland. If she isn’t busy taking photographs and posting on Instagram and Facebook, she’s probably watching Netflix and chilling with some baked goods and kombucha from the Market.

Leda Becker • Marketing and Events Intern • 616.796.1210

You can often find Leda shopping for fresh foods, potted plants and delicious cookies at the Holland Farmers Market, with her morning coffee in hand. With a love for patterns and bright colors, she’s easy to pick out of a crowd! Leda loves cooking, exploring different foods…and getting new recipe ideas each Saturday morning at the Chef Series!

Leda is a Michigan State University student and the Marketing and Events Intern for Downtown Holland and the Holland Farmers Market this summer. You can spot her downtown every Thursday night at the Street Performers Series and at the Holland Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays!