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Sara Cozolino • Market Master • 616.355.1138

Sara has a passion for the farm-to-table movement and access to delicious, fresh, local food. She loves to see the connections people make when they meet farmers, learn where their food comes from and trying new products. She is thrilled to be named the new Market Master for a farmers Market that is such a prominent beacon of the fresh food movement.

Sara balances her time managing all operations at the Holland Farmers Market with being a professional photographer. During her free time, you can often find her in her garden, hiking with her husband and their dogs, doing yoga and cooking up veggies straight from the Market. She especially loves to see all the varieties of greens and berries!

Marcia Schrotenboer • Market Master Assistant • 616.355.1138

As a longtime Holland Farmers Market, enthusiast Marcia is thrilled to join the team. She looks forward to championing fresh local food for all! On Market days she can be found at the Information desk assisting customers with EBT, Double Up Food Bucks, Market Bucks and answering questions about the Market.

Outside of Market days Marcia is often in her kitchen “MacGyvering” her Market bounty. She says she has no favorites and just like her children, she loves them all! She also spends her time Urban Sketching and watercoloring interesting sights around the area, kayaking the local waterways, enjoying college football with her husband and reveling being Grammy to their 5 grandchildren.

Kara de Alvare • Marketing and Promotions Coordinator • 616.796.0472

Kara is a total foodie and you can usually find her watching the Food Network, searching for new recipes on Pinterest and shopping for new cookbooks in her spare time. Kara loves spending Saturday mornings strolling the Market with her husband and two children, picking out a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to enjoy all week long! What are her family’s favorites? Blueberries, strawberries, corn and green beans!

As the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Kara oversees all aspects of marketing, event coordination and promotional efforts for both the Holland Farmers Market and Downtown Holland, two places she couldn’t love more. It’s her job to promote the Farmers Market and Downtown Holland as unique and vibrant destinations…or in other words, to make sure that everyone knows just how cool they are!

Celeste Ryan • Marketing and Events Assistant • 616.796.1210

Celeste moved to Holland in 2019 and is grateful to live so close to the Holland Farmers Market! She loves going to the market weekly to pick up farm fresh foods for her family, supporting small businesses, shopping local and enjoying nutritious farm-to-table foods! A fun fact: her family of five buys and eats an entire five pound box of blueberries every week they’re available!

As the Marketing and Events Assistant, Celeste gets to plan all the special events at the Holland Farmers Market, including the Chef Series and Kids Activities! She loves creating experiences for you and your family to learn and have fun together.

Kemri Hilton • Digital Marketing Coordinator • 616.796.1210

As a Holland native, Kemri has been shopping at the Holland Farmers Market with her family for years. Now when she strolls the market, you’ll find her photographing all the local products that can be found in each season…you can find all her handy work on the Holland Farmers Market’s Facebook and Instagram page!

She likes to claim that working for the Farmers Market makes her a healthier human..there are no more excuses for unhealthy eating, right? Well the Market is filled with delicious sweets too, and she has a soft spot for those delicious blueberry donuts.