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Ryan Boersema

Butch's Dry Dock

With a name like Boersema, it is not surprising Chef Ryan is a native Hollander. Working his way up through local kitchens, he found his passion for quality produce and the value of connecting with local farmers.It was a stint in Crater National Park in Oregon that started his career in fine dining. As a member of a French Kitchen Brigade, Ryan fell in love with classic food preparation.

Also a self-taught forager and avid urban gardener, Ryan believes that great results come from great sourcing, and that the strength of the link between chef and farmer is crucial to having a delicious dish served at your table.

As Chef at Butch’s Dry Dock, Ryan changes the menu four times a year to coincide with the changing of the seasons. Former Lead Cook at Resthaven and Sous Chef at CityVu Bistro, Chef Ryan has seen a wide range of cooking styles and brings this breadth of knowledge to the kitchen everyday. His favorite meal is Mom’s Sunday pot roast dinner.