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Christine Ferris

The Farmhouse Deli

Christine’s passion for food started before she could even talk! Her mother would let her point to the foods she wanted to eat or she would not eat anything. By the time she was there, she worked at her mother’s side in the kitchen on a daily basis, helping create meals made from scratch. Once Christine entered high school, she would cook entire meals for dinner parties, so going to culinary school following college was a natural progression. She attended a small community college in Monterey Bay and graduated in 1985, which was a tremendously momentous time to be in culinary school with chefs like Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck and more inviting classes to their establishments.

A little over two years ago she opened a farm to table deli, The Farmhouse Deli and Pantry in Douglas, MI. The deli features local, organic foods prepared from scratch, the way her mother and mentors taught her! She and her team of talented folks enjoy making creative and delicious dishes on a daily basis!